Monday, October 27, 2008

Charles Krauthammer declares: "A SOCIALIST FOR PRESIDENT!"

A response to Mr. Krauthammer's piece "McCain for President" published October 24th 2008. Mr. Krauthammer declares "I'd rather lose an election then lose my bearings." This is in response to the a flood of conservatives that have endorsed Senator Obama. First Mr.Krauthammer labels each of the players,(Ken Adelmen, Colin Powell, Chris Buckely, and Chris Hitchens) second he chides them for supporting "the most liberal and inexperienced presidential nominee in living memory." Now my living memory is not as long as Mr. Krauthammer, but I can think of three Governor Bill Clinton, Governor Ronald Reagan, and Governor George W. Bush. None of these candidates had any foreign policy experience before they assumed office. The only one of the bunch that has the edge is Bush, only because of his father's foreign policy experience. There is one Governor that was absent in Krauthammer's piece, one that is the lynch pin in why these "conservatives" are not backing McCain. That is of course Mrs. Sarah Palin. If Krauthammer shinned his analytical light on Governor Palin, the case of inexperience is overwhelming. Krauthammer can easy dismiss the inexperience of a governor (who has some 20 months of time in office), with the phrase "she has executive experience." Which again, is true but one would have to ignore that if "executive experience" is needed, John McCain has none. Would Krauthammer say McCain is lacking in executive experience, therefore unqualified? I think not. Any reality based looked at the experience of the two tickets would have to conclude Mrs. Palin is the most inexperienced of the four. Krauthammer successfully ignored any mention of the governor in his piece. Yes, McCain has more experience then Obama, I would never argue otherwise. But they are not the only ones running. Like it or not there is about a 20% chance that the Vice-President will become president. Harry Truman, Lydon Johnson, and Harald Ford are three recent VP's thrust into the Oval Office. Krauthammer seems unwilling to accept this reality and thoroughly vet Palin. Another point of annoyance for Krauthammer is the lack of media (and McCain's) attention to Obama's relationship to William Ayers and Rev. Wright. Again Krauthammer refuses to turn his analytical light to the McCain/Palin ticket. What of Palin's connections to the Alaskan Independence Party, whose founder was killed as he made c2 plastic explosive in his basement? Now, I have not seen much of this story in the Media, does that disturb Mr. Krauthammer? What of Mr. McCain's relationship with Rev. Jerry Falwell who declared "9/11 occurred because of the feminist" and that "Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans because of Gay Pride parades"? What about McCain's vote against freeing Nelson Mandela in the 1980's? Or what about McCain's ties to Ronald Reagan who sold weapons to Iranian terrorist to pay for Nicaraguan terrorist (the Iran-Contra affair.) Or McCain's ties to Barry Goldwater (who McCain replaced in the Senate) who said he would bomb Vietnam "back into the stone age." Again, no mention, why? because these can be easily brushed off and demised because McCain is a Conservative Republican. Which leads me to my point, Mr. Krauthammer has "lost his bearings." Krauthammer's article is not a rational support for McCain, it is an appeal to ignorance. It is an appeal that McCain is conservative therefore "we must endorse him." Krauthammer is unwilling to apply his cirques of Obama to McCain. Now, if Mr. Krauthammer wanted to have a reasoned debate on the policy positions that McCain/Palin have versus Obama/Biden; he could, but he decided to throw substantial reasoning away in favor of this appeal to ignorance. The very fact that Mr. Krauthammer can level the charge of socialism at Obama and not McCain is down right absurd. The United States has passed the most socialist bill in "living memory" several weeks ago. The $700 billion bailout was not only endorsed by McCain, he voted for it, and even suspended his campaign to urge fellow republicans to support the bill. Mr McCain likes to point out his leadership role in the bill's passage, Mr. Krauthammer see this leadership quality and chides Obama for "not lifting a finger." Well, Mr. Krauthammer you can not have it both ways, clearly McCain is willing to accept socialist legislation. Mr. Krauthammer has "lost his bearings" by supporting a senator that has worked with Ted Kennedy, and Russ Feingold; Who rejected Bush's tax cuts; Who said "it is unfair that people who make more money should get a tax cut" (McCain in 2000.) If Mr. Krauthammer truly believes his own words he should be supporting Bob Barr the Libertarian candidate not this socialist McCain.