Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What a scumbag

On 9-11-12, Mitt & Obama promised to stop the negative campaigning for one day. In the evening the US embassy in Libya was attacked killing the ambassador. Mitt, hastily condemned the attacks stating further, it was because Obama had apologized for America. Mitt, someone just died, and the first thing you think to do it score a political point. What a scumbag trick. No one, apologized for the people that killed the ambassador. No one apologized for America. What happened is that a film was released, on youtube, that insulted the Muslim prophet and was circulated by radical clerics. They wiped up followers into a frenzy, first attacking the embassy in Egypt. The embassy, in a small effort to try an quell the growing outrage, distanced themselves from the film. They also pointed out America stood for the rights of all faiths. Which MITT ROMNEY said himself, he said exactly what he had condemned. In the same goddamn sentence. Fucking ridiculous. what a scumbag. He should not have politicized this, not the very next day, not as a mother had to explain to their young children that their father is dead.

Watch Mitt's douche bag press conference:

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Monday, September 10, 2012

The Ayes have it?

In case you missed the excitement of the Democratice party passing their 2012 platform, here's a wrap up. The Democrats came together, in their large tent, and hammered out a position paper. What was the instant and immediate response from the Republican media wing (Fox News)? No, it wasn't that for the first time in history homosexual marriage was supported, it was that letters G-O-D didn't come together and spell god. Whoa, heavy stuff, never mind that they had this whole section about faith and churches. You have to say God. What a bunch of garbage, time wasting, red herring, argument. It makes me sick that grown adults could think that this has any validity in a discussion about the future of our country. Faith and chuches makes my brain bone think to much, do they mean god? ugh.

Well, I don't want to say the discussion was a total waste of time. The other stick in the mud for Fox & Friends, was the lack of the Democrats declaring that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Well, is it? There is a slight problem with Jerusalem being the capital. When you say and do that, you are saying that Jerusalem is part of Israel. Jerusalem happens to be the declared capital of the future state of Palestine. Hmmm, a city can't really be the capital of two countries. The truth is, Jerusalem is merely a symbolic capital of Israel. Tel Avi is the financial power house, the true capital of any nation. Jerusalem is not recognised as the capital by many nations because of all the Palestinians that live there. Not only do Palestinians live there, they have continuously lived there, they lived there far before Israel was a nation. To dismiss this is to totally deny that there has been a population living, breathing and working there for generation after generation, that is not part nor has ever been a part of the Jewish state. Jerusalem is and should remain a split city. Like all major world cities, it is diverse, but its a city split in two. Not one state can have a monopoly of power there. Now, when the Democrats forgot to declare their support for a denial of land rights we haven't seen since the trail of tears, I was relieved. Maybe, just maybe, the Democrats had given up the Andrew Jackson like policies of the past.

Sadly, the Democrats, under pressure, amended their platform to include, this futile, naive plank. Although it was humours to watch the chairman try to get a vocal vote. In a vocal vote a 2/3rds majority is needed to pass. Basically the delegates yell as loud as they can "AYE!" or "NAY!". Hopefully, the chairperson thought, the scripted night would go as planned. But many delegated shouted "NAY!" the vocal vote needed to redone three times. While there was clearly no 2/3rds majority voting "AYE", the gavel was banged and the chairman spoke: "The ayes have it." The Democrats (or should I say their leadership) was quaking in their boots when Romney said Obama threw Israel under the bus. Now that's something I agree on with Romney. Constant, unmeasured and overwhelming U.S. money, and support and military aid to Israel, has poisoned their nation. Israel, has become less independent and more militaristic and more isolated in the world. Obama's unquestioned loyalty to Israel has thrown Israel under the bus. Romney wants the keys to that bus, so he can back up and hit Israel again. What is needed in D.C. isn't more support for Israel. What is needed is less. Just in case you think Obama has been "bad" on supporting they sent out Robert Wexler to the DNC, to tell us all how much support Obama has given Israel. They said the ayes have it, but I'm convinced, nay would have been the better thing to say.