Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What a scumbag

On 9-11-12, Mitt & Obama promised to stop the negative campaigning for one day. In the evening the US embassy in Libya was attacked killing the ambassador. Mitt, hastily condemned the attacks stating further, it was because Obama had apologized for America. Mitt, someone just died, and the first thing you think to do it score a political point. What a scumbag trick. No one, apologized for the people that killed the ambassador. No one apologized for America. What happened is that a film was released, on youtube, that insulted the Muslim prophet and was circulated by radical clerics. They wiped up followers into a frenzy, first attacking the embassy in Egypt. The embassy, in a small effort to try an quell the growing outrage, distanced themselves from the film. They also pointed out America stood for the rights of all faiths. Which MITT ROMNEY said himself, he said exactly what he had condemned. In the same goddamn sentence. Fucking ridiculous. what a scumbag. He should not have politicized this, not the very next day, not as a mother had to explain to their young children that their father is dead.

Watch Mitt's douche bag press conference:

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