Monday, October 20, 2008

Of Rocks and Men

Okay, allow me a little tongue and cheek analogy. I'm fresh from a lecture on rock deformation, and couldn't help to think about it in terms of the election. When rocks are brittle and shallow, then are exposed to tension; they create a dip slip fracture. When rocks are deep and heated they fold rather then crack. So lets say the economic crisis is the tension put on our rocks (Obama and McCain.) McCain is running a shallow campaign, and is very ridged to change. His campaign has cracked under the pressure, he is our dip slip. Obama is running a deep campaign, and he has been exposed to some real heat (the Bill Ayers relationship.) Obama's campaign has shifted and folded, but has maintained its original makeup. Obama is our anticline fold, which is a fold that has an upward thrust.

McCain-Dip Slip

Obama- Anticline