Monday, October 20, 2008

Racism on the Campaign Trail

Colin Powell endorses Obama and people immediately demiss it as "of course he's black." Its sad that racist are still numerous in this country. I don't want to say it is racist to support McCain, not at all. There are very good, well thought out arguments against Obama. Him being Muslim, a socialist or a terrorist are not valid arguments. But McCain is using these as his MAIN argument against Obama right now. Its race bating, and totally shameful on McCain's part. I like McCain in some respects, and rooted for him in 2000. I would probably would have voted for him over Gore; but he really isn't doing enough to stop this crap. Frankly, he's contributing to it, and using it to his advantage. "who is the real Obama?"; "whats the real relationship with Bill Ayers?" its crap. McCain you know who Obama is, you know he's not a terrorist and you know that he's not a socialist. Yeah yeah Obama knows your not George Bush too. But he's likening you to a President of the United States that you endorsed and who endorses you, its totally different! arg!