Friday, October 03, 2008

The surge

The Surge is Over??? what? There is still more troops in Iraq then there was before the surge. Its a fact plain and simple. To say it worked is to say its over. Yeah violence is down, but the Surge is still in place. The question "did it work?" can only be answered if its over. General Petraeus said in testimony to the Senate that the surge was "working." He didn't say it worked. Maybe I'm out of my mind, but to say It didn't work or it did work is flat out wrong. Look at this way, I'm putting a new roof on my house to stop rain from leaking in. So I get out on the roof and start working on it. Its sunny out and I'm almost done and I say "It worked my roof doesn't leak." But if it rained later in the day my roof would leak, because I haven't finished the job. It would be silly of me to say I finished repairing roof, if I clearly haven't. That's just what I see when the surge is debated by the Presidential candidates, and its driving me batty because they just aren't being logical. What if Ike Eisenhower said we won the war after we stormed the beaches of Normandy. He'd be laughed at, D-Day worked and it was a turning point, but Hitler would still have been on the loose and Japan would still be going wild in the Pacific. When Iraq has a stable government and does not need US troops to carry out military operations is when you can say its over. When our troops are out of Iraq, is when anyone can say did it worked. If McCain thinks we won then why isn't he committed to pulling out? If we won or it worked, then there's no need to be there! I feel like a crazy, watching people say its a clear "Victory"