Wednesday, October 01, 2008

This is revolting

The wool is being pulled over our eyes as we speak, and the taxpayers are being robbed. It is revolting that stock market hits a bump and everyone in Washington runs to save it. But while New Orleans was flooded NOBODY did shit. And New Orleans is STILL a mess years later. Its disgusting. I'm so disappointed by our leadership They are not looking out for us, CLEARLY. The distaste in my month is so bitter. Americans have to get up off their ass and make the difference. "TRUST US" is not an option. Elections is right around the corner, I want to see third parties collectively reach 15%-20% in the polls. Really Don't vote for Obama or McCain, they want you to be responsible for Wall St. "When Wall St. makes a profit they keep it, If Wall St. fails we all pay." That has to STOP!

Here's a movie about New Orleans, its a current look at what this city is going through. Katrina happened in 2005, its 2008. What the hell happened!